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Fascia's, Soffits & Gutters

Roofline products play a vital role in protecting your homes structure as well as safeguarding your property. They protect your home from the weather and nesting birds, as well as improving the overall aesthetic of your home.


Fascia boards run alongside your roofline, protecting the join between your roof and walls, and guttering helps channel the rainwater away.


uPVC soffits run underneath the fascias and help ventilate your attic space, preventing damp. uPVC cladding also helps shield the front of your house from the weather

Fascias - Soffits - Gutters - Wall Cladding

Windowfix Essex facia soffit gutter cladding


Fascia's are the long lengths behind the guttering, not only are these important for holding your guttering up but they seal the end of your roof trusses stopping water ingress.

Our uPVC roofline products are virtually maintenance-free and will withstand whatever the weather throws at them.

Windowfix Essex facia soffit gutters


Soffits are what cover the space between your facia and wall, in some cases vents are attached to allow moisture to escape from the roof cavity. Soffits also protect from moisture on the exterior.

Replacing these will free you up from time-consuming maintenance, especially for old timber facias & soffits which requires yearly painting and weather-sealing.

Windowfix Essex gutter shapes and styles


Gutters catch the rain that your roof accumulates and direct it away. It is imperative to have full functioning gutters to avoid water damage and water ingress.

Stop the rot before it’s too late with our great range of fascia's, cladding, soffits and gutters. With our high-quality products, your home will be protected against the elements as well as looking good. So no more worry and no more maintenance!

Windowfix Essex Wall cladding colours shapes

Wall Cladding

Our high performance and leak-free uPVC fascia boards and soffits come in a range of styles and colours, including timber effect Oak or Rosewood.

For those wanting to set their home apart from the rest, we also offer stylish wall cladding – the perfect way to brighten up the exterior of your home.

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