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From traditional Edwardian conservatories, to lean to conservatories, to P-shaped conservatories. Our range of styles is limitless, with bespoke glass extensions also available for more unique designs.
We offer a number of high-performance windows, French doors and sliding patio doors that can be incorporated into the conservatory, ensuring that the overall aesthetic will cohesively blend with your homes current character.
You can choose from an array of popular colours, including classic white, chartwell green or sleek grey and accompanying decorative finishes and distinct brickwork designs for your desired look.
Further enhancing the appearance that your conservatory naturally extends from your home, our range of roof options, including glass and tiled are available in many common colours and styles, ensuring the perfect choice to fuse the new conservatory with your property.

Windowfix Conservatory Glass Roof Essex

Modern uPVC is virtually maintenance free, meaning you won’t have to worry about continual upkeep to keep it performing at its best. Unlike other materials, uPVC does not rot, chip or flake.

uPVC is available in a plethora of attractive colours and woodgrain finishes that do not fade over time. Whether it’s a sleek white conservatory, a traditional wood effect conservatory we can create the ideal solution to blend with your homes look. We can recommend the additional finishing flourishes to complete your desired aesthetic, along with our range of durable tiled and glass roofing systems.

Designed with home security in mind its sturdy frames are highly durable and won’t weaken over time. This means your conservatory will be exceptionally safeguarded over its lifespan, exceeding strict industry security standards. Combined with our toughened double and triple glazing options and range of advanced multi-point locking features that are fitted as standard, you can have peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

windowfix Lean to conservatories  Essex

Our aluminium conservatories will make your home stand out from the rest for all the right reasons. With superior insulation capabilities and a bespoke appearance, they are the luxurious way to add much-need extra space to your home.
Boasting sleek and slimmer frames than other materials, the amount of natural light that enters your home is unparalleled, meaning you can enjoy the views of your homes exterior from the comfort of your conservatory. A long-lasting aluminium conservatory is the perfect way to bring the Grand Design’s look to your home.

Aluminium can be powder coated in any RAL colour for a sophisticated and modern finish, from anthracite grey, to chartwell green or traditional white.

We can also incorporate a range of modern or traditional decorative features, tiled or glass roofs and either our high-performance double or triple glazing.

windowfix conservatory tiled roof conservatory styles essex

Since its founding, Windowfix Home Improvements has been committed to bringing attention to detail to the industry. Hire us for this service and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve. There are many designs available, from full height brick walls to P shaped hybrids with an Edwardian roof.

windowfix essex lantern tops skylights

A Lantern roof combines a collection of angled glazed panels that normally surrounds a flat roof, creating a glass focal centre. With a thermally broken aluminium or uPVC cluster they provide superb thermal insulation. With solar control and self-cleaning glass, you never have to worry about losing any of the room’s warmth.

Lantern roofs are the ideal solution if a fully glazed conservatory roof would leave you open to overlooking neighbours, as the flat roof surrounding the lantern roof will provide privacy to your conservatory. They’re also the perfect choice for homeowners who wish to let in the sunlight, as they can be uniquely tailored in size, colour and design to achieve your desired effect.
Whether you’re looking for traditional white, contemporary black or something in between, we can design it to suit your individual tastes.

Our lantern roofs have incredible thermal capabilities which means your room will be kept at a comfortable temperature. This enables the cold air out during the hotter months but holds on to the warmth during the winter.

The modern design also involves fully insulated under cladding and eaves rail to keep the cold air out. We can include roof vents so that you can control how much air you let flow around the room.

windowfix essex conservatory roof replacement

Tiled Roofs

You can choose from a range of colours, including popular brick red, sleek stone black to an ebony slate roof. With such a number of versatile roofing options, we can create the perfect solution to seamlessly blend with the exterior of your homes current style, making your conservatory look like it’s always been a part of your property.

They’re perfect if you want to upgrade your outdated glazed conservatory as it offers significantly enhanced thermal capabilities.

High-quality warm solid roofs are indistinguishable from real tile and are suitable as roof upgrades from glazed roofs or new-build conservatories, orangeries and extensions.

The insulating tiles will preserve your homes warmth during the cooler periods and avoid the cold draughts from entering. During the summer you’re shaded from the suns warming rays.


windowfix essex conservatory top tips

Conservatories can be added to any home of any size, but if you want to enhance the way you live and make it more saleable, these are an estate agents ten top tips:

Make sure you have a big enough garden to accommodate a conservatory. Buyers can be put off by a home with a conservatory that takes up most of the garden space so don’t build one that eats up your entire garden.

It MUST be heated so that you can use it as a second reception room or children’s play room, for instance, throughout the year. Under-floor heating is a good way to heat a new conservatory.

If you can incorporate bi-folding doors into your conservatory, garden room or orangery that is also a massive benefit. They really give your home the wow factor on a summer day by bringing the garden in. When I have done a viewing of a house with a conservatory that has bi-folding doors opened I haven’t seen one buyer yet that doesn’t say “Wow!”

To add proper value a conservatory would need to be 4m by 4m or more but smaller ones can still get the Wow! factor if properly thought out.

When you are buying a conservatory always go for quality and something that suits the style and character of your property and get the best advice on what to choose.

Solar glass is a great advantage to keep you cooler in summer and retain the heat during winter, but try to avoid ceiling fans – very 1990s.

Make sure you have enough opening windows, so be very careful about how it is going to be ventilated.

Try to choose a solid wood floor or a tiled floor. If you choose carpet you are always going to be worried about getting marks on it from the garden and so is a buyer. If the conservatory is big enough and you have to have carpet you could lay down coconut matting where people can wipe their feet first.

Kitchen conservatories are a fantastic idea. The selling points at the moment in the market are massive kitchen-diners. Kitchens in the area with a covered roof and the dining area in the conservatory are very attractive. These are a great selling feature.

Poorly maintained and old 80s conservatories are not good selling points, neither is shoddy quality.

windowfix essex Planning permission conservatory

How do I know if planning permission is required?

We’ll assess your situation when we plan and design your conservatory and a full inspection will be carried out to see if planning permission is required. However, you might not need planning permission if:

  • As of 1st June 2019, relaxed planning permissions have been made permanent in England only. This means that single-storey extensions situated outside of designated land and Sites of Specific Interest won't need planning permission, as long as glazed extensions on attached houses don't exceed 6m or 8m for detached houses. 

    Subject to The Neighbour Consultation Scheme

  • On a semi-detached or terraced building in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, the conservatory does not exceed 3m from the original back wall of the property. 

  • On a detached property in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, the conservatory does not exceed 4m from the original back wall of the property.

  • Permitted Development Rights (PDR) have not been removed from your property.

  • The conservatory roof does not exceed 4m’s in height and is no higher than your home’s roof.

  • There are no balconies, verandas or raised platforms.

  • Your property is not listed and/or in a conservation area.

  • The conservatory is sited at ground level.

  • The conservatory is permanently separated from the remainder of the property by means of a door.

This makes a conservatory a great way to extend your home without the added time and hassle of planning


Meeting building regulations

We’ll assess all projects and the permissions needed, to ensure your conservatory is fully approved and in regulation. Building regulations may be required if:

  • The conservatory doesn’t have a 70% translucent roof

  • The conservatory doesn’t have 50% glass coverage on newly constructed walls.

  • The conservatory has an internal floor area exceeding 30 square meters.

  • The conservatory is not sited at ground level.

  • The conservatory has no physical barrier between the main house (ie doors)


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